Appreciative Mo

02 Jan

Recently I did something that got me thinking, it really shook me up of how imperfect I am and I do have selfish tendencies which sometimes I am not even aware at that time but reflecting on it I am shocked. What could I do were it not for the grace of God that His grace is made perfect even in my weakness when I am weak then I am strong. I am learning not use the word never in my vocabulary and I am quite humbled.

Its okay don’t worry about it, it’s in the past have never sounded so good when I am the one who need forgiveness. I want to extend the same when people wrong me and that’s why I don’t always hold grudges I forgive before someone apologies. Wow! Following Christ example when he taught on forgiveness.

Being a Christian is definitely a lifestyle I don’t intend on avoiding disagreement but I intend to disagree to agree and do it with love.  Not to hurt the other person involved. What would Jesus do? I am growing and evolving as a person and a Christian and my relationship with God and people.

Yes expect a new me still with the same flaws but working on them with God’s help. I will fight for what I believe in with love. Above all I thank God for enabling me see a new year 2014 and for the people in my life Family and Friends.

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