Love is a War

02 Jan

Someone once told me love is war I laughed it off, partly being I have never gotten to that point of wanting to fight for love. I tend to give up easily on the matters of the heart. I am firm believer it’s better to be single than in the wrong relationship. And partly I love my independence and I have a strong personality which unless someone is willing to understand me and take me as I am.

I may be complex at times yet very simple. And very easy to please and I tend to be impatient when it comes to time therefore at times miss out on the bigger picture. Any way I am sure not so many people like to be kept waiting. But I am very loyal and love unconditionally without expectation.

So yes I found myself in situation of fighting for what I felt for this person, I swallowed my pride that’s a first and gathered guts I realized I care about this person and I won’t give up on him without letting him know how I feel about him.

I am learning, we tend to hurt the people we love the most a lot. That’s exactly what I have done due to anger and acting irrationally. I have apologized at this point whatever happens I have tried to fight for love and I have made an effort. It may not have been enough but I am glad I tried no regrets.

I have learnt a lot from this person very important lesson I am glad to have met him. Whatever happens, just leaving my hands opens because I cannot force things to work out. But one thing I know for sure if things work out with this  person I will appreciate him  more grow to love him more. No more rule book. If it’s meant to be then it will be if not God has better plans. I take NO’s as an opportunity for something better.

At the end of the day God is the author of all relationships and I am glad I have a relationship with him. I believe if my relationship with my creator is right all other relationships will work out. I would be lost without God in my life. He is a loving and forgiving father.

Try God he never disappoints.

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