Mo the Bookworm

02 Jan

I have a love affair with books. I am self-confessed bookworm I call myself an avid reader and a fast one too. I love reading, for the grammar, how the writer plays with words, the story line to gain education and for fun.

Until two years ago I used to read for fun and I could read anything I come across. But with time I have acquired a refined taste in books. I just don’t read any book it has to have content. I have specific authors I have come to love. I am still the old fashioned type I prefer the hard copy; I am not into soft copy yet.

One thing I would not leave the house without is a book, I read everywhere while waiting for people in restaurants in public transport and whenever I am free. So the next time you want to buy me a gift and you are not sure what I love a book will do. Any by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie besides, American. Or any good Christian book, Frank Perretti, Management book, any book on Photography or Interior Design will do and great Poetry.

Last Year I was on a Francine River Marathon I am yet to read Redeeming love which is a great example of God unconditional Love. The last sin eater was Epic its only Jesus who can wash our sins away. But the book that moved me to tears was Atonement child. Talks of a Christian girl who gets raped and gets pregnant. Everyone around her wants her to abort even Christians but I am glad she doesn’t.


I want to explore and read autobiographies as well currently I am reading Miguna Miguna unpeeling the mask not my kind of book but I won’t find out until I read it. A book is not just a book i read for the Content I want to learn something and probably apply the skills in my day to day life.


If you are a reader lets link up to form one EPIC book club. Seriously!

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