Diversity on another Level

03 Jan

Today I had an interesting conversation with a stranger. I am quite a snob at times i just don’t talk to strangers unless I have a good vibe about the person. I was with my friend Doris I was not so chatty I was on my phone responding to Mail and whatapp.

We were seated at the back seat of the bus together with an elderly lady at the far end probably my mum’s age. So this lady alights and I made a comment about her hair. She had uncombed hair well the “fashionista” call it rugged look I thought it’s so cool. But Doris and the lady did not agree with me. We started a conversation and the lady was telling us how she doesn’t approve it and would not let her kids leave the house like that.

Times have changed; children have rebellion tendencies when you restrict them. It’s how you approach the subject.  Sometimes one does it out of curiosity or just to break the rules and see what happens.

I am from a different school of thought and very liberal I have no problem with people expressing themselves from the way they dress, choice of hairstyle, Piercings I take people as they are and I don’t always judge by appearance. For me it’s all about character. I have come to learn sometimes people are not what they seem to be.

Most of my friends are eccentric, interacting with different people from different races; culture, religion and tribe have made me appreciate diversity. I believe in being Eccentric now when you are still young don’t wait for old age to wear purple.


Lesson learnt on my bus ride this morning, Just because you like something and it suites you, be it hairstyle, Mode of dressing, choice of food whatever it is. People will always have an opinion whether good or negative. You cannot please everyone but if you feel good about it then that’s all that matter.

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One response to “Diversity on another Level

  1. yolandagloria89

    February 23, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    it’s true. we should just learn to be our own mirrors instead of always ‘mirroring’ people’s opinions about us


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