Let’s agree to disagree

04 Jan

I have been thinking a lot about Conflicts and their positive sides and Negative. I stand to be corrected I think any type of relationship where people don’t fight, argue or disagree then the parties involved are not being real with each other.

We are all different with different personality and character. Personally I am learning to voice my opinion and not afraid to disagree with people but above all to remain respectful. It’s in that disagreement that you get to learn about a person character. Their bad side and how they handle a situation.

At times maybe it’s a bad thing I intentionally start the disagreement to learn someone’s character how they react and to what extreme they can go to. When everything is going great people are on their best behavior it’s hard to know certain things.


Yesterday I had a conversation with my philosopher friend on relationships; I sometimes tend to avoid conflicts. But the danger in doing that I will bottle up those feelings and it may lead to resentment.  My philosopher friend had a point it’s all about being real. Say how you feel but the secret is how you say it, your choice of words can break or make the friendship.

It got me thinking of how great God’s love is there is nothing we can ever do to make God love us less. No matter how big you think your mess is. God loves you just the way you are. All you have to do is accept His love and repent. As human being speaking for myself I have hard time receiving I am always thinking what does this person expects in return. I look for the motive behind it. But I am learning I won’t be the reason for you not receiving your blessing if someone wants to be nice my hands are open while I am at it I will extend the same generosity to those around me. Same with accepting compliments instead of just responding with a simple “Thank You’ I water the compliment.

God Love and mercies endures forever. Jesus is the only friend who sticks closer than a brother.!!!

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