Our ways are not always God’S way

06 Jan

The Lord has Good plans for all of us! My Friend Pinchez shared with me the story below i thought i should Share it with you here on my page. Jeremiah 29.11

You become number 1 from class 1 to 8 then end up as no.15 in KCPE.
You miss your dream national school. You ask God why? You then study hard in a district school and aim to pursue medicine only to end up with a weak B.
You miss JAB selection. You ask God why? You struggle hard to take yourself to KMTC to at least have a feel of medicine but end up with a credit and miss the distinction scholarships. You ask God why?
You get a job in Samburu and struggle for five years to get fees to take you to the university but Everything fails. You then Curse God. God then gets you a job with an NGO based in Samburu with a salary 5 times that of a graduate doctor. you ask God why He has been good and faithful to you.
He replies, I never wanted you to go to a National school because you’d have failed because of overconfidence, I gave you a weak B to keep you from the drugs in campus because you are poor with your self-control. The distinction could have taken you to Campus.


The Lord has Good plans for all of us!

Lesson I have learned Today: Whether things seems to be going your way or not be thankful at all times all things work for good for them that love the lord. To often we miss out on God’s blessings simply because it’s not packaged the way we expect.

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