Why Not?

06 Jan

I feel like starting with a Quote I learnt Yesterday actually my Pastor Doug quoted It “The Illiteracy of the future will not be for those who cannot read and write but for those who are not willing to Learn, unlearn and relearn”. I had a great conversation with a new friend I met yesterday I was 1 hour early for church a phone call woke me early and after that I got up and was ready for church early. That’s a good start for the New Year. While I am at it let’s get over and done with this: “Happy new year every one” Here in Kenya its very common for people to be telling you happy new year even in march if they have not seen you for a while. I find it a bit awkward.

My new friend Delaney was visiting her daughter in Kenya she was basking outside my extrovert side was very dominate. I am friendly most of the time so I went and I said “happy new year” to her and introduced myself with a big smile. We got talking and she told me about her life and her children. How her life began at 40 when she decided to go back to school to study education. Wow! Her story inspired me she is now 82 years and still looking good.

It got me thinking I am still young and I know I have been procrastination going back to school due to many factors. As well as taking career risk in creating employment in what I love. I am glad I shared my dreams with Delaney. When you talk about something you are passionate about it drives you to work towards it and not keep on procrastinating. All she had to say was that a big combination and I responded Why not? I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me. He will grant me the desires of my heart it made me make a resolution to work extra harder to achieve them. I now have new mentors who have already ventured in the same field before and I have Delaney prayers.

I feel blessed God has put the right people in my path I am quite humbled by the support. It has gotten me thinking. How do people feel when they spend a second, minute or an hour in my company? Do I kill their dream? Influence them negatively or positively? I can only pray to God not just for His blessings but to be of a blessing to those around me. Purpose to impact positively the people you interact in your life. You actually have a choice on what legacy you want to leave behind. I have had my moments of doubt and fear and lots of excuses and maybe, “maybe the dream is too big, what if things won’t work out? I don’t have enough resources”. So what is your excuse? May God disturb us when we are too pleased with ourselves we have reached all our dreams because we dreamed so little? May God help us, to dare more boldly, to venture on wider seas where storms will show your mastery; where losing sight of land, we shall find the stars.

I hope through my writings it won’t be all about me but about Jesus who dwells in me. I will be that friend in deed. And even in my work place in the service industry I am in a divine position to make a difference. To learn, unlearn and relearn. When you take time to pause and reflect you will be surprised inspiration is all around you. There is so much to learn in the 24 hours in a day, have a pen and a paper and write down those ideas and execute them.

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