The 11 facts.

07 Jan

1. My favorite love story is my grandparents. Every time I tell my friends this they look at me like I’m retarded, but for those who met them they used to walk everywhere together church, market, God rest my Grandpa in Peace, even Michelle and Obama don’t hold anything on them.
2. I’m quiet actually I am an introvert and I have a wild imagination that lately I have resorted to writing my thoughts. Most of the time when I am lost in thought I Joke I am thinking of my next blog Doris can attest to that.
3. My only form of visual entertainment is animation and Comedies. That’s all I watch. Seriously. Also, I read books. Lots of it.
4. I treasure my (nuclear) family above everything else. EVERYTHING ELSE and they terrify me. *sigh*
5. Despite my Cynics’, I do believe in love, I want to get to a stage in my life where I’m simply content: Awesome Husband/partner, awesome kids and alright life, like the folks. Not too happy, not too sad, just content.
6. I’m that chic that gets charmed by the stupidest jokes/pick-up lines. The simple things in life.
7. I have been a Man United supporter for the longest time, I became a fan since my bro is an Arsenal fan, I was always the competitive little sister there was no way we would have been in the same team.

8. I watch Top Gear with my brother Herman. I’m terrified that he’ll just crack one day and buy all the cars he sees on one episode one day.
9. I cannot stand silent treatment, I hardly give people silent treatment we all hate rejection *cringe*
10. I mentally arrange people’s house in my head when I visit their houses, redecorate their house all in the head. Yeah I am weird.
11. I have never, and probably will never own any Apple product. I do acknowledge their techie brilliance, but I just can’t stand them.
The answers.
1. 1. Why do you blog?
Hmm! Sometimes I just like writing down whatever’s in my head, or personal experiences or observations. Above to encourage someone!
1. 2. If you could have one person in particular, living or dead, real or fictional, read your blog, who would it be?
My grandpa, Mr. Wanjohi. I think his reaction would be nothing short of priceless. He was my English teacher he cultivated my reading culture when I was growing up.
1. 3. What childhood game or activity had the biggest impact on you?
1. Red light, green light I loved the game simply because i learnt from the game, right before your goal, 9/10 it will look you in the eye and remorselessly tell you to go back to start.
4. When something great happens, how do you celebrate?
It’s always shock, and then proceeds to scream everyone within a half kilometer radius deaf, then grin like an idiot. In that exact order.
1. 5. If the world had to be ruled by either cats or dogs, which would you choose and why?
Good Lord Dogs. Humans need to be taught the true value of loyalty and friendship.
1. 6. If you could play the lead role in any movie you’ve seen what would it be?
James Bond, I would love to act besides him.
1. 7. If you had to eliminate one technological achievement, what would it be?
Social network I have an on and off relationship with social network, such a necessary evil.
1. 8. Name a pivotal point in your life.
Don’t know if I have one yet. I think I’ve had three different ones, all in the different stages of my career life. I should think I’m going through one at this point.
1. 9. What is your favorite candy or treat?
Cotton candy. Quite honestly, I still don’t know how my teeth haven’t fallen out yet.
1. 10. If you could visit a time in history, when would it be?
Jesus time I would have loved to be born that time, I would have followed him everywhere to listen to HIS teachings.
1. 11. A million dollars…you have 24 hours to spend it. Go!
Me, Flight destination Hawaii. The end.

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