18 Jan

A Friend in deed, I was just thinking of that phrase and wondered. What would my friends say about me? I am I that friend in deed? That friend they know they can call any time and I will be there for them. A friend who will stand the test of times: in good time and in bad time. Hmm! Or am i that unreliable friend who no one can count on. In my behavior do I reflect Christ, can someone say Mo is a Christian. I would hate to be a stumbling block.

I know the fact that it’s not by my own strength I need God in every area of my life. Most time God brings certain people in our life for a reason and if we care to notice they teach us important lessons. How many times do I (you can replace I with We ) choose friends based on maybe common interest, or based on common background don’t get me wrong I am not saying it wrong neither am I saying its right. We love with conditions. People who are like us, we given to those we know will give us back how about we change that? Love those who cannot love us back or whom we think are not loveable, our enemies. Help those who can’t help us back in return. Do random act of kindness we end up gaining a lot. Feel a lot a better.

I have thought of how many times I struggle to check up on people simply because I ask myself ‘’why should I be the one checking up on them?’’ my goodness when did I get to that point of keeping tabs. “Oh! I was the last one to call so they should also call me or text me.” What if they really need you and can’t afford to call you back, may God help me (Us) i love the way God has a funny sense of humor, you see I am that type of person who belief if we have not spoken in 6 months it used to be 3 months i delete your number. Most time definitely I will not have made an effort to contact you. And
I thank God he is not like us with our narrow-minded minds. If he would base His love on how often we talk to Him Through prayers none of us would qualify for His love.

I strive this year to be a friend not just in words but action. To be a loving girlfriend who loves without conditions or expecting anything in return. Not asking what can he do for me but what can I do for him. What can I add to his life? Not that I am perfect but I will try my best. Be a dependable friend to my friends. I will be that friend you can call at 2am when you need me and you can be sure they can count on me.

I have realized friendship is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship you know nothing. I want to be that friend who instead of giving advice, solutions or cures, have chosen rather to share the pain and touch the wounds with a warm and tender hand. The only way to have a friend is be a friend to one.

1st Corinthians 13 gives us the best definition of love. If our love is short of that definition then we have a problem when we claim we love people, we do but with conditions. I will quote verse 4 “Love is patient and kind, it’s not jealous or conceited or proud, love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable, love does not keep a record of wrongs, love is not happy with evil but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up and its faith, hope and patience never fail. May God help me to love people unconditionally and when people see me they will see the Jesus in me.

true friendship



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