18 Jan

Being an Introvert is not such a bad thing after all, there is nothing like self-discovery and accepting the way God created you improve what you can and move on.

1). I get so wrapped up in myself, and more specifically my inner self, that eschew traditional social customs.
Like for instance, i sit in silence in the middle of a group discussion and let everyone else talk. Or forget that the polite thing to do is to active listen: “so you’re saying that…” “So if I understand you correctly…” Or we’ll forget to do the “Uh-huh, I totally know what you mean” interjections. How could I? Ruuuude right?

2). I sometimes have verbal communication issues. But give me a pen and paper and I will gladly write you a novel.
I may stutter when i get nervous, or when there’s conflict. I may have a hard time articulating what’s in my hearts and minds. I may fear public speaking. But can i email like a pro? Heck yes. Write my significant others romantic letters articulating my feelings perfectly? Double heck to the yes. Writing emails and letters comes in handy, right?

3) Waiting in long lines kills me a little bit inside.
I get deeply irked by anything that slows my progress or needlessly keeps me from getting things done — and when it comes to halting my momentum, there are few things worse than long, slow-moving lines.

4) I tend to have a serious phobia of wasting time.
Stuck in traffic? Trapped in a waiting room at the doctor’s office? With my natural impatience and distaste for time wasted, I tend to get frustrated by waiting in line. Few things elevate my blood pressure and get on my nerves like time being wasted, either by me or by others. More do it Now!

do it now

5) I am highly conscientious.
I may get stressed and anxious more often than others, but it’s because I really care for real. In all areas of my life, it’s important to stay on top of things and make sure it all gets done. As such, I usually remember everyone’s birthday, makes sure the cupcakes and flowers are ordered ahead of time.

6). I hate networking.
Like literally, i refuse to show up to networking events. I have no patience for sucking up or small talk. Which, by the way, I suck at. I can be as outgoing as extroverts when needed to be, but I tend to tire more quickly around crowds, I prefer to think things through before I act on them, and find inner energy through solitude.

6) Fewer friends.
While I may have deeper friendships than my extroverted peers, in a world of Facebook friends and twitter followers, it’s easy to compare my life to others in terms of quantity over quality. And I stalk extroverted people on Facebook. 
7). I may appear rude, snobby or uptight to acquaintances.
If i sit too long in silence, I get the “Are you upset? Are you okay? What’s wrong with you?” Really, I was just listening. I promise. It’s going to be okay.

8) Great Listener
I sometimes appear timid or cool on the surface. But it is actually a true strength. I am reflective, thoughtful, and confident, with high powers of concentration and good listening skills. I guess you could call it the healthy side of quiet!

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