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21 Jan

I have had my share of interesting moments in the last week I have not had time to write. So yesterday being a Monday i go to the bus stop my usual time there are no ‘Javs’ oh! Buses I stand a few minute I get impatient. I call two of my friends one has already left the other one will leave later in the morning, decides to walk to the next stage a few meters I am lucky to find one twice the usual charges. I figure it’s cheaper than a cab and I am running late. Traffic is like a parking lot at 7pm. Hmm! It’s about time I moved close to my work place. Luckily I have a book that keeps me busy in the next one hour and a half. I call my boss I will be late and I am 15 min late to work. In the evening the same madness no buses most of them are full traffic start at the bus stop. I am waiting in the opposite direction no hope either. I go to town thinking it’s a bit late so I will find a Jav, I am in for a surprise the queue is long I ask the man manning queues which one is headed to La’ he shows me when I get there I ask the guy to confirm if I am in the right queue. I stand in the queue a few join behind me. The bus comes we start boarding only to realize I was in the wrong queue. I die a bit inside. I look at the LA Queue it’s quite long. They say patience is a virtue I am not to queuing again. I am almost ask why God? Then imagine will it be the same like going to heaven? How many times do I (we) do things. Make a decision thinking its line with Gods will only to find out we are not. How many times do I ignore the signs or that still small voice? Above all I thank God even with all that I had inner calmness and peace that surpass human understanding. I decided to look for other means to get home. That’s was not the reason for writing do I even have one?

I have always had a phobia for locking bathroom, I locked myself twice, Yes once when I was younger my bedroom bathroom was faulty I never used to lock it but this particular day I locked once I was done showering I could not open. I freaked out I was alone in the house. My next door neighbor an old couple was not home. I was home and alone and I had locked the main door. So you can imagine how long I would have stayed stuck before my mum or brother came home. I decided to pray, yea its great being a young Christian you have great faith childlike faith. So I prayed I cannot remember the exact words I said, then I shook the door and bam it opened. Up to this day I have no idea how it happened all I know God answered my prayers. The other day at work I decided to use the bathrooms upstairs they are locked most of the time but this time they were not. I heard someone come in and leave. Once done I turn the knob bam the bathroom is locked. I calmed myself down I did not have my phone with me and I was freaking out because I might have stayed for long before anyone noticed I am missing. I have a very wild imagination what if no one comes to check, I would of starvation and cold in the bathroom tragic. Ha-ha ! I started hitting the door with my heel for like five minutes the guard heard me and called the cleaner to open for me. I walk out and back to my desk I narrate to Perpetual (Perps) what happened and she burst out laughing.

Perps I like her if you want any advice on health issue Perps is the person to ask, she is knowledgeable I jokingly tell her she in the wrong career. I will never forget the day my sandals strap broke in town I could hardly walk with my shoe the next shop was far. So Perps improvised and tied my feet to the Sandal with a polyethylene bag. I just hoped I do not bump into anyone who knows me. Luckily no one decided to take a picture and expose me it was such a funny sight people were staring at me and I did not care I got to the ATM and bought myself a new pair of shoe in the next shop and swore never to wear sandals again. Perps saved the day I would have walked barefoot.

My other colleague Lear and I were walking in town we normally alight so that we can just take a stroll we both love walking. She is very mischievous and suggests we prank the Matatu driver that the city council “askaris” police are coming. It was a sick joke but the reaction from the Driver is priceless he was frightened. We burst out laughing and Lear told him it was a prank we were lucky the man may have turned out violent or something. I have weird friends I accept. Speaking of weird I will miss Doris ha ha I have learned t patience waiting for her in the mornings and evenings.

I do not want to write my team Lost to Chelsea on Sunday I am still recovering, but It was great though hanging out with lovely people a bit crazy but I love them all the same. I thank God for the friends in my life all of you spice my life.
Proverbs 12:26
26 A righteous man is cautious in friendship, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.
John 15:13
Greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends




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