If the Price is Right, Do Values Matter?

23 Jan

In some Instances Values do matter, At times when shopping for perfume associated with a glamorous celebrity i will buy it depending on how i perceive them, My perception of Mystique and luxury and if what they value matches with mine price is not a factor in such instances. So yes Your customers’ perception of you can be more important than your price in my opinion.

The Business Ethics Blog

alexei_marcouxShould it matter to consumers whether the company’s CEO supports gay marriage, is a libertarian, or a Catholic, or is a supporter of a particular political party?

Yesterday, as part of my Business Ethics Speakers Series at the Ted Rogers School of Management, I had the honour of hosting Professor Alexei Marcoux, from the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago. The title of his talk was “Adventures in the Market for Values.”

Alexei’s argument was that it’s almost always a mistake to let the values held by buyer or seller get in the way of a mutually-beneficial exchange. Or, to be more precise, he argued that we shouldn’t get into the habit of making purchases that way, or adopt the disposition to do so.

The argument was basically about what kinds of people we need to be in order to have a flourishing commercial society. The…

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