Seeing too much Good in People

27 Jan

I have been told I see too much goodness in people. I am not sure whether it’s a good or bad thing. Well I also know the fact that too much of something is bad. I am this person who gives people second actually a lot of chances before I write them off completely. You will do me wrong and I will still defend you. The bible again tells us to forgive 70 times 7 times not easy considering we are human but by God’s grace it’s very possible. Every day I am amazed by God’s love and goodness it’s incomparable to anything. He loves with our flaws, unconditionally. He expects the same mercy and love He shows and gives us we should extend it to those around us.




Wow! Yes I survived a weekend around people I feel worn out the introvert in me craves for alone time. It’s not going to happen, one of my close friend Miles birthday was yesterday but we ended up celebrating it a day earlier. It was meant to be a surprise which obviously backfired last-minute. It’s not easy organizing a surprise for spontaneous people. I know because I am also random and I act on impulse.


We ended up sampling a few places in town and finally settled for Westland’s it was more lively. I looked at the crowd and I felt overdressed way too decent note I was wearing a knee-length dress, so were my girlfriends. We reckon at this rate our daughters will be walking naked. There is no way I will ever let my child leave the house half-naked. Haha! Spanking in my house will be very common. All in all we had a good time bonding and dancing. The birthday girl was happy so were we. The one thing I didn’t do which is a tradition I didn’t drench the birthday girl hmm!


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