Trying to make nothing sound like Something

10 Feb


I used to think that starting a blog is merely a hobby, but in the end it’s really a commitment to the discipline of writing and the timelines usually associated with it. You have to find new topics to write about. Or maybe you could write about nothing and make it sound like it’s something? One of my goals for 2014 is to blog more. One of the advantages of writing: its acts as reminder. So let me indulge you what has been happening in my life lately.

My week began with me forgetting my phone at home. Yeah, i know you feel me. The thing is, I was running late. I did not notice I did not have it on my bus ride I was reading The Oath by Frank Paretti I was totally engrossed. Until I got to work, I thought it would be liberating not to have my phone for a day. Let me tell you, I have no love for my phone BTW. I wish I could replace it. But you see, regardless of my disdain for my phone, I NEED my texts, NEED my call, and NEED my internet especially my twitter and What’s App. I should have missed a call or two by now. I should have a message by now, right? If only I could speak to my phone using my mind. At the back of my mind, there should be a couple of people panicking about me (because i am vain like that) because am not replying texts, picking up calls or tweeting at all. It honestly felt like I had left a limb behind!! Someone must’ve reported me missing by now right?
My phone should have like twenty calls or more and my inbox should be full. Also I should have at least 23 mentions on twitter of people looking for me.
As I headed home in the evening there was some weird chaos at Langata road and I wondered if these people know I have to get to my phone as soon as possible or the world will end as we know it!!!I open the door in a panic and rush to my room, and pick up my phone. You won’t believe the number of missed calls and text messages!!! My eyes widen….

So I’ve been told am overconfident. And apparently it puts off both guys and prospective employers. My confidence isn’t something I wear in the morning. It isn’t something I picked up somewhere. It isn’t something anyone groomed in me. It isn’t a class I went for. I WAS BORN WITH THIS CONFIDENCE. This means I’ve no way of acting otherwise. If you think I’ll act blonde, desperate or like a damsel in distress JUST for you, jump off a cliff. It just means you feel threatened. And THAT’S not MY fault. And I see no reason you should feel threatened. If am trying to get a job from you or am emotionally interested in you, it means you have something I want and you’ve got the upper hand. PLAY it like you’re supposed to.

Speaking of learning something new every day, I have purposed not to complain about anything and to have a list of things I am grateful for.min

I am currently reading The Great Divorce by CS Lewis is one of those Christian writers whom everyone has heard of but which very few have actually read. The Great Divorce seemed a great place to start as it had been recommended by members of my small group we read it as a group and importantly it very short. My house hunting has officially began I am making progress, I am looking forward to the change of environment I won’t have to stay in traffic for 2 hours to get to work in the morning. Yesterday as I was house shopping my friends suggested we go watch football in Nakuru being like 3 hours’ drive away from the city. Yes I am that crazy girl who watches soccer instead of soap operas and keeping up with Kardashian’s. Without even thinking twice we drove off we did not get to Nakuru we derailed along the way sampling roasted meat and taking photos of the Great Rift Valley. Then it started raining we headed back to the city but we had a good time. Life is short have fun, laugh till you cry, forgive and forget, be eccentric, keep your friends closer and above all have a relationship with God. My prayer for this week is I will draw close to God and never let go.


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