The Glass Bubble

25 Feb

Sometimes I feel like I am in a Glass Bubble, at times I’m safe, but the reality is on the outside. I see destruction sons against fathers, daughters against mothers, sisters against brothers, drugs, children dying, people in high authority lying, deceit and hunger flow throughout the land, but GAMBLING holds the winning hand!

In the GLASS BUBBLE I cry out to the people can’t you see the enemy is causing all of this, it started when we allow Christ to be taken out of Christmas. The movie writers and producers are making movies of BIBLICAL revelations, but it is not the real dramatization.

There was a time that we could leave are doors unlock and we felt safe. Neighbors looked out for each other, love one another no one wanted for anything. Now hunger is everywhere and it seems like only a few care. LET US PRAY LOVE, LAUGH and SHARE to get out of the Glass Bubble of despair!

WE MUST STOP LIVING IN OUR GLASS BUBBLES AND give food to the hungry, clothe the naked, build homes for the homeless, jobs for the unemployed and this will be our reality.

By Deborah Ann Bonner

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