18 May

Its been a while since i blogged alot has happened. I have not had time literaly i am currently blogging for my organisation and its been great. I made a major career shift. I loved my job a lot and always looked forward to it. Wondering then why I left? I felt its about time i did something different and new. Its been one great month of learning and I love the challenge. I am everyday reminded its not by my own strength but by God’s grace. His grace is being made sufficient in my weakness. Through it all i have learnt to trust in Jesus. I am growing as a person. My faith in God and relationship with Him is grounded. He has been with me every step of the way. Has is it been easy? NO! there were times in the last two months things were tough but God’s incredible peace was with me. And as I write this there are things I am trusting God for and He is faithful. My prayer is God to disturb me when I get comfortable I have achieved my dreams because I dreamed so little. As a resigned from my previous job I was certain that; that season has ended and onto a new season. I can’t wait to see God’s suprise in my new season. As i strive to diligently do my job.


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