27 May

he wrote her this :

They walk down holding hands tight They walk down gracefully the steep hills Their arousal was the smell of ending fall Brown leaves squashing beneath their sole – their music The bees celebrating their queen’s reproducing – their future The birds hopping on branches, indecisive of nesting – their insecurity He is gentle with nature’s gift,with chaotic weather and animals – insightful She is tolerable with nature’s unbalance – deep They are imperfect yet complementary Came nigh them a horse Ridden by the perfect – the bridge of them all She looks at him starting from down up He has fixed eyes on her, steady and reassuring Happy ride was for both – present for each others journey Journey on smooth path Journey with unequal gallop What more my love, what more?… Offense is silver we will brush with gold – understanding Sad days are or we will refine – perfection Happy days we will celebrate – they are brushed golds and perfected ores We shall get old and hold fast Future: the uncertain present But this is the journey Our journey to be

Her reply:

WE gaze at the starts, wondering what life to offer, and the sun shines so bright, making my heart wonder why is the sun so jealous of the stars, at some point the sun looks so attractive but am afraid it might shine so bright but may end up burning my heart and soul , its might light leaving me shuttered and destroyed wondering was this the sweet blooming sun, competing with the stars, I really want to shine with the sun but the distance between the position where the sky is and where the sun is far, and i do not know what path am to take, what if i walk with the star, will I reach where my heart is at peace, what if i walk with the sun what will I gain, but then again let me just be the moon that is confused and wonders around.

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