Growth 2014

27 May

Perhaps it is my illusion , or my thoughts ..Perhaps my dreams are way imaginative , the clinging on life event and where so much disappointments and breaking out is in.
So its a right to enter and pass through this age.Nobody know well how much i have gone through or how much am yet to go through.The step looks so overwhelming and i have grown strong , stopped being a little girl.
Childish trust and amazing betrayal all fill the silent room in my thoughts.
Failed friendship maybe to better me to show me i deserve more.
The clinging on dream that somehow as much as people become to untrustworthy and not authenticate people ..It’s still an illusion and mystery to me to unlock.Like few people are real. Life looks so wired cause some are very busy, i do not know how this year has unfolded itself. All i just know is its still a mystery ,an illusion , though that cloud my mind. I do not know if am making sense or maybe there words am using which are deep. Still not in the know how.
Lost memories , displaced thoughts and one full year where some friendship did thrive and some lost relationship did disappear ..It’s like a long time since i figured it out.
My mind might have been lost and maybe was in a wilderness ..I need to set it straight.Figured out i.need to lay it down and fall back in the truck.That is chasing my dream ..Lost friendship and relationship and dreams might be revived ..Chances can be there but friendship and relationship can all go away .Dreams are to be chased .People who get to busy for me ain’t other like for us.
Am just fixed on it all just like an eagle get fixed on its dreams.It’s all like a discovery maybe an illusion or though and yes Its like Moniq To wake up.
Might be complex with many unusual though of mixed issues. well am being me, and how i leave my life is up to me.Next step ..So help me GOD.

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