28 May


‘Trust’ is a word relative of betray
native of lame heart,people can’t portray
it knows only to lacerate
broken hearts are its fate.

blurting secrets leads to broken trust
lament which crushes the hearts’ crust
no one stands for firm conviction
believing someone is just a fiction…

never keep it because it hurts us more
when near one’s break it on the floor
people just abuse this word, it’s frothy
it is devalued & has become frowzy

Trust is a “jive” which only acerbate
people use it just as a bait
to lure someone to know about them
then scream out to the world , that’s their game !

keep your secrets only with you
because ‘you’ are your best friend
and for trusting someone it all ends
relative of betray which it never pretends..!

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