A walk in the Rain

14 Jun

Taking a walk in the rain,
it washes down my face.
Washes away the disappointment, loneliness, hurt, anger, sadness.
Leaving me void off any feelings.
It feels better this way,
better than feeling as though,
everything is wrong.
Walking in the rain,
at least it’s no storm,
like what I had gone through.
Rain…blessing or curse?
It should be a curse,
following all that has happened.
But I’ll take it as a blessing,
because when walking in the rain,
it’s the only time,
I cry and no one notices.
The only time I can speak out all that’s in my heart,
in nasty words and all.
Someway, I believe the rain listens.
Kinda weird, I know…..
But that’s just how I feel.

A walk in the rain,
and with music in my ears.
I get this kind of calmness, peace.
One that lasts long enough,
till my next storm.

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