Why i Write

24 Jun

When I take a pen to paper; touch a keyboard,
Words have a way of flowing from me to them,
Sometimes the words make sense other times not so much,
Juggling all this takes time & effort

Sometimes I may not say what verbally,
Other times the voice inside me screams,
There is nobody to hear it but me,
This is my scream to be heard my voice.

A word here, a whisper there, simple words,
Words that may be so few but have so much power,
They heal, they build, they destroy they tear down,
It matters a lot how you say them.

The radiance of joy for new beginnings,
Tears when you fall down and are alone,
Peace found in the strangest places,
Pain you cannot hide when you lose a loved one.

It brings with it a calming effect,
Closure to ensure that you move on in life,
A jubilee to offer prayer & thanks,
A chant taken to the four corners of the earth

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