Imaginary Poet

27 Jun

In the middle of the night I awoke,
With words of inspiration and punchline sentences,
I thought to myself, An artist I have become,
A comedian perhaps,
Only to realize my jokes wouldn’t make even myself smile,
Well, maybe I will be a musician instead,
A famous one with shows all over,
And money to make everyone envious,
But to my words I couldn’t place a tune,
Finally, I thought,
A poet I can be,
To unravel the mysteries of life,
With words as my tool,
To move people to tears,
By the power of the pen,
To awaken joy in the dullest of beings,
Using phrases well-arranged,
To make the coldest of hearts to feel,
Through the warmth of words written to inspire,
To raise people to the skies,
And slowly and tenderly transport them back to earth,
By use of rhyme and rhythm,
To touch lives only in the way poetry can,
By telling a story in the poise and voice of a poet….
In the middle of the night I realized,
In truth, I was a story-teller,
But in the Imaginary ….a Poet

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