While you were gone

27 Jun

The fading echoes of your voice,
Is all I can hear,at the back of my head,
All I want,is another chance,
To see that smile again,to be in your arms,
To feel safe,and protected again,
Still on my lips,is the taste of your goodbye kiss,
When you promised me,that no matter what happens,
You’d always come back,to the place,
Where we first,fell in love.

In my eyes,whether dark or not,
Lies,the image you last cast,
You-towering so high above me,
With your piercing eyes,looking deep into mine,
And our hands intertwined,walking down,
The streets,oblivious of the stares and mumbles,
To you,I belong,
To you,I’ll always be that innocent girl,
You fell in love with,
With you,I forever want to belong.

You promised forever,so did I,
And no matter,how long it takes,
I’ll always wait,for you my true love,
To return,to me,to our home,
To replenish our love,at our love sanctuary,
To close my eyes,and behind me put,
All the nightmare,I underwent,
While you were gone.

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