Forgive me

15 Jul

Forgive me…

We are human,
Bound to mistake,
Wise men once said,
Error is to human,
It is from our fore fathers,
And we got no power to change matters

I know i did wrong you,
But i did it to protect you,
I did all that because i loved you.

Why torment me?
Why crucify me?
Please,have mercy on me,
Save me from this agony.

I had suffered alot in my life,
Let’s end this strife.

You were my everything,
My very special thing.
You were my treasure,
that gave me pleasure,
I love you beyond measure.

Why are you too hard,
While before,your pleas i heard?
I accept being on the bad,
Come on,stop being mad.

I love you,
I need you,
I miss you.

Please soften your heart,
Serverely my heart hurt.
I know sorry is not enough,
Please don’t be too tough.

I know you love me,
As much as i love you.
Don’t run away from what you really want.
Don’t ignore what your heart truly desire.
Why can’t we just forgive,
Why don’t we burry the past,
And move on together as one?

I have pleaded for so long,
Almost a year if am not wrong,
Still am ready to wait,just tell me for how long.

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