The one i admire

17 Jul

. The one I admire!

You are the one I admire.
The one who sets my heart on fire.
Making it to burn with desire.
chasing you I won’t tire.
Because you’re the one I admire.

The beauty in your eyes beckons me to your world.
That’s why around you I build my world.
Because you looks drive me wild.
My desire for you I can’t hide.
Because you’re the one I admire.

The curve at your thighs tells it all.
In love is the place you make me fall.
To love you is like a call.
To be yours I can’t resist at all.
Because you’re the one I admire.

To you my heart has gone.
My mind and thoughts have flown.
I can’t just leave you alone.
My love for you will never be done.
Because you are the one I admire.


I know it is me you admire,
And concur sure my love you desire,
Your efforts don’t tire,
Because this love i have is not for hire,
For with you,some kids we’ve got to sire.

I shall drive away that feeling so wild
Come welcome into this world,
Let’s form our own world,
Where the rules are come from our own word
Forever our bedroom shall be our ward,
For in it those kids will be the award,
Come,lets take it forward.

You are right for this indeed is the place to fall,
Therefore,make haste hearken to that call,
Thence my love shall be yours all,
For this tree of love, allow it grow tall,
And not to dribble like a ball.

If to me your mind and thoughts flew,
Then in this plane,we gonna be the crew,
Together,towards us the love wind shall blow,
This surely shall come to pass,this for long I knew…

Come,let’s get to the edge of paradise,
Only place we shall it rise,
In owner of all the already made sacrifice..

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