23 Jul

I have been a loner,
Who was once a lover,
Been fighting harder,
To put myself together..

Now feeling great urge,feeling of love,
Thinks it has spotted the one it deserve,
Arguing deeply how this feeling I’d preserve.

Now that you are in love with me,
Now that you say your better half I should be,
That there should never be ‘i’ but we,
So shall it be.

Walk me down the aisle,
Give me yo most expensive smile,
Your name against mine on the marriage file.

Walk me down the park,
Be my light in the dark,
Tell me you got my back,
Like, you did those days back.

Let me be your rainbow,
Be my arrow,
I shall be your bow,
Lets play cupid,
In love let’s get stupid.

Against chest,
Against lips.
Against heartbeat.

With care I shall handle your heart,
Never shall it get hurt,
We gonna make last,

Hold me tight,
Tight and close,
Squeeze me,
Then, kiss me
Till we get lost,
In our own world,
Where only that matter,
Is us,you and me…

Allow me –
Feel you
Help me –
Help you.
By you,

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