Dating mistakes we girls make

23 Jul

15 Dating Mistakes All Girls Make
1. You tell him you’re interested too soon. That type of pressure might push them away.
2. Indecisive about date ideas.
When a guy asks you what you want to do next time you go out, don’t say “I don’t know.” Deep down there is something you want to do so, go ahead and voice that idea!
3. Not having much to say.
Yes, everyone get nervous on first dates, but not having much to say on a date is the first sign of disaster. If you find yourself at a loss of words, compliment him on his shirt and see where that takes the conversation.
4. Asking the question, “Why are you single?”
Women ask themselves that question enough on their own that they don’t need a guy to ask as well. But, if a guy does ask you this just come back with a cheeky answer like, “Darling, I haven’t found someone worthy of me.”
5. Corny saying or pickup lines.
When have you ever heard a couple say they met by one asking, “Can I borrow your phone number? I seem to have lost mine.” Our answer: never. Keep it casual, friendly, and not creepy by just saying hi!
6. Talk about exes way too much.
We know, you’re ex was a big part of your life and most of your memories have to do with him. He is your ex for a reason though, so let him go and move on. You’re new guy doesn’t want to hear about him anyway!
7. Social media stalking.
You like him a lot, and you just want to know what he is up to. All girls have done the social media stalking, and if any girl says otherwise she is lying! The only problem with this is getting caught. Be sure you don’t ask, or comment about something you would only know by stalking him on his Facebook page, it will definitely turn him off. Also, please don’t comment and like everything he posts all of the time. That is just creepy!
8. Acting interested, but never committing to an actual date.
Don’t be a tease. If you like the guy go for it! If you’re just talking to him for the attention while you are in a dating rut, let him go. He deserves to find the one just as much as you do.
9. A little too flirtatious with his friends.
We get it, you just want to be accepted by his friends. There is nothing better than hitting it off with the most important people in his life. Just make sure you are acting appropriately. Don’t wink at his friends, or touch their arms while you talk to them. Keep it in the friend zone or else they all might take it the wrong way.
10. Too controlling.
One word of advice, relax. There is absolutely no need to be controlling in relationships. If you find yourself becoming controlling with your guy, try taking a step back and think about why are acting like that. The sooner the issue is resolved, the happier you both will be.
11. Double, Triple, Quadruple text messages right in a row.
Never, ever do this. When it comes to guys and texting, there is usually no other reason for them to not be texting back right away besides they didn’t read it or they got distracted. Give him time and don’t just keep texting him, or else you may scare him away.
12. Snooping through his phone, email, and Facebook.
Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. By snooping through his phone, email, or Facebook page, you are showing him you do not trust him at all. Without trust, what is left of the relationship? If you resorted to snooping, you may have an important decision to make about the future of the relationship.
13. Trying to change his style.
His style is his style. Feel free to give him a few pointers on the outfits he is wearing, but don’t try to change his style completely. He is in college and probably a little set in his ways so, be patient with him. He eventually will start to dress like a man on his own
14. Changing yourself for him.
You are who you are, and we that is why he was attracted to you in the first place. There is no need to change your likes and dislikes to the same as his because no one wants to date themselves. Stay true to yourself and beliefs, and he will be head over heels for you.
15. Telling little white lies.
You may think telling a little white lie is nothing and sometimes it is nothing, but the more little white lies you tell the bigger the lies can get. No one likes a liar, in fact for most of our Campus Cuties that was their number one deal breaker. So, just tell the truth. Your boyfriend or significant other is supposed to be your best friend and you don’t hide things from your best friend.

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