14 Aug

It has been a while since i wrote a blog this year! Quite a remarkable improvement though in my poetry trend. I am doing so well this year I might get to six seeing that its only mid year. As for my writing I have picked the best topic a woman can indulge in for blog post. Men. Yes really, men! We women love discussing men just as much as you men discuss women with your ‘bruhs’ at the sports bar table as you sip your single malt whiskey or bottle of lager. We also get together with the girls and ponder about you weird creatures and how far we are from fully understanding what you are all about! It might be true, no woman will fully understand a man and the reverse may also be true. So I choose to come close. And I choose to major in communication between a man and a woman.

How hard is it to say what is on one’s mind when it comes to being a man? I have never been one but I have dealt with a few so I’ll give my opinion. I won’t say all men are the same because I have always found this cliché statement to be ridiculous. For heaven’s sake ,no two things in this universe can be the same. However, I have come to the conclusion that most often than not ,a woman will fall for men with similar characteristics and vise versa. This is why you will find a man continuously ranting on how all women are crazy or a woman’s emotional sentiments on how all men are dogs.

Let’s look into the ‘all women are crazy theory’. I am sure by now for anyone not living under a rock you have watched the hot vs crazy matrix video by a handsome gentleman who claims to have thoroughly done his research. I may not 100% agree with the guy but I like his sense of humor. His message and his ability to make a presentation using a graph isn’t nearly half as bad. He would have impressed me more had he done a Venn diagram as well. According this chap, the scale representing crazy scale for women starts at 4 unlike the representing hotness which starts at 0. This he goes ahead to explain is a universal rule. If you haven’t watched the video,get online and have your ribs cracking for four minutes.

What do men refer to when they talk of crazy women? Is it the woman who screams her lungs out when you come home at 3 am? Or is it the one who irons your shirts very well knowing you will be out till 3 am, with whom and why but she could care less?Is it the woman who calls you 10 times a day and when you don’t pick up she follows that up with 20 text messages? Or is it the woman who acts like they are not bothered so they don’t nag at all? Is it the woman who isn’t afraid to show her sexuality by sending that flirts message ? Or is it that shy woman who is not forthcoming (not her fault though) because that’s just who she is? Is it that woman who will not stop at anything to achieve her success in the corporate world? Or is it that housewife who decides to put her children and husband first?

Instead of a generalization of all the xx fraternity, is it not much easier to narrow down to actual habits or behaviors that you see in one woman and that you as a man think are crazy? Or would that entail speaking your mind out? I speak for all women when I repeat the words of a wise woman who said that, and I quote ” with a deeper instinct, I choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman”

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