Soul Food

14 Aug


I love it when you call the name
They said that when I was visually
The visual arts would grant my
site back,
He said that
Through words i would grow into
the intensity feed,
Through its felicity I would be
spoken for,
Through it’s tingling sensation,
My sensitivity would be at its
I was made to understand that
disability was not inability,

When they titled it art,
The tapestry and rugs,
Reminded me of the warmth that I once felt in my mother’s womb,
Reminded me of the worth for life,
The rebirth of a beautiful seed
That which had been planted
from the dark edges,
When the unwanted sword slayed
through her veil,
Through art i was made to
understand that disability is not

When they themed it art,
I was reminded of the beautiful
useless objects that elevated
Like this beautiful stained glass
It spoke and the streets of
”Koinange” was clear,
It moaned and scholarships were
translated to scholar goats,
Wedding bells rang as they were
joined in holy matrimony,
Through art i was made to
understand that disability is not

How it applied art,
The Mosaic showed me the
possibility of thorns flowers and
stones sharing this land,
How beautiful the breeze sang a
song of peace,
whilst the flowers swirled and
gave scent to this architecture,
The frozen music made by this
Class, connections or categories
were simply earthly boundaries,
Through art I was made to
understand that inability is not

When they termed it art,
The hands that moved in motion,
Brushed through this canvas,
Made me understand that man
was not made from masked
paper bags,
That price tags were for this
paintings but no tags could match
a man’s worth,
It made me understand that
jewelry designs was not enough to
beautify ones soul,
rather to mildly modify ones
Calligraphy would paint ones
But it would never be enough to
keep both man and woman in
holy communion,
Eve may have had a slice from the
Adam may have drooped over too,
But through art I was made to
understand that inability is not

So when art was termed a living
I protested not,
It’s words resurrected dead souls,
Made thieves to seek Scriptures
for wealth,
Made Prostitutes preach the
importance of virginity,
Made lawyers advocate for truth
to conquer,
I guess what am trying to say is,
It Made the ill be healed in ways
only the spiritual realm could
attest to!

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