Goblet of Love

21 Aug

The taste of this wine is like a dream
that I see in the horizon floating like paradise
that has my thoughts of you twinkle stars in the sky
clouds billowing in lovely patterns in the day
my thoughts of you Rome in the heart to stay
they are like the hand of Midas
they make my heart golden
thinking of a life without you
it is like a violin without strings
or a heart that has no heart

The drop of this wine of love is indescribable
it intoxicated my love like weed
that grows into a beautiful grapevine
that makes a rose with dewy beauty
painted in the rainbow of your reign
if this ends..
there will be no heaven in paradise
my million kisses for you virtually
will wither when the dust of time settles down
and I will die a martyr of patience
after I stagger and fall on dryness
when your love has drunk me into thin air

Join me on the dance floor
where the waves of rhythms invite provocatively
as tears of desire splash in a beautiful fountain
that has my pen write this poetic justice
let my promises stand proud as pillars
that will stand through tests of time
while my eyes look into the future
when they look at you
for you to see pools of infinite affection
when my soul peeps with a goblet of love
that has been brewing for aeons for you

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