The Reply Of The Tongue

21 Aug

I was asked about someone the other day
And the truth about that someone I did say
Had I already forgotten whose sins Jesus Life He did lay?
Or was I simply ready for the other party to have their way.

I should cover that someone’s sins with love
And speak blessings about them to the other party from up above
This way I remember who it is I serve
And let God be responsible for changing their life’s curve.

I was asked about how I was doing
And I replied how from good to bad my life was going
Had I already forgotten what favor I had and how it was growing?
Or was I more concerned to share pity for the other party’s viewing.

I should know that I was bought with a price
And speak blessing over me because of He who in me resides
This way I will set my eyes on He that is good and wise
Let my tongue speak only that which to God has aromas of sweet spice.

I was asked about a blessing in something
And I replied how hard work was everything
Did I already forget that without Him I can do nothing?
Or did pride creep in and claim everything.

I should be aware that God does not call the qualified but qualifies the called
And investment in this world in Heaven will be annulled
This way only God’s glory in my life I will applaud
And when that day comes I will be part of His people who for Him we will be assembled.

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