Forgiveness Quest

01 Sep


Do forgive me for I have to go round
to apologies I must though you might not respond
but i pray you hear me out
for I can explain without a doubt

Indeed I am at fault
It might seem that I am selfish
But do understand that its you I cherish
My heart cries out to you

Nothing of me was ever a presence
though what I gave you was a pretext
Do observe that as I speak it pricks my soul
The thought of you turning your back on me
Just the thought of you giving me that cold stare
It hurts inside and I cannot contain it

The thought that you might leave me is horrid!
Please do observe that I have lowered my pride
Do hear my plea for in you I shall be freed

And now I am repentant to my deepest down
Yes,I let you down
The almighty knows it kills me mentally
For in all ways practically am humbled and exhausted

To you I do make a vow
I shall take it as a mortal
I do admit squarely
I was to blame but I remind you of our past times,
for in that you might remember my positive traits

And so I choose to take the pain
A question that I may ask
Do you pardon me sincerely?
Please do say it finally
For without you I ill have nothing to gain
Do understand what I claim
I am sorry and it’s not a game.

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