Its a coded world

01 Sep


The blindfolded mind,
Will remain forever blind,
But to the tutored mind,
That’s trained to link,
To pick & hold a thought,
Nothing is meaningless.

Some close their eyes,
To engage their mind,
And sail in imagination,
Some open their eyes,
And the magic unravels,
Whatever floats your dhow,
Whatever flies your kite.

We are poets and Prophets,
By power of observation.
Solomon observes ants,
They share their wisdom,
And his wit is tickled,
And his brain is elated,
Ours is a coded world.

For even the plain facts
That’s only geographic,
‘Salty lakes have inlets
But do not have outlets’
Can be quite philosophical.
If offered a second thought.
While some minds pocket it,
As another should know fact,
Others eyes dilates in wonder;
“What Sayer nature here?”

The primed mind knows,
The essence of a fruit,
Lies not on its peelings,
Turn turn the noble knob
Crack the combination,
Once you hear the click,
Nature opens the safe,
To the treasures within.

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