The Unspoken

01 Sep

It’s in human capacity,
But judge not wherever,
A shoe you know not,
Its fit is Unspoken!

Crooked fingers! ,
Point not oh mankind,
What they do or not do,
First know the Unspoken.

She has no character?
He has no a heart?
She is so uninformed?
You know not the Unspoken!

Some know sleeping hungry,
Some are products of broken strings,
They struggle to have a glimpse of tomorrow,
Judge not the Unspoken!

Said you are perfect?
They lied!oh mankind!
Walk a mile in their shoes,
First know their Unspoken!

They live on the street?
Judge if you’ll give a home.
They beg from you with filthy hands,
Reprimand if you know their skin.
But before then,
Before then,Listen to the Unspoken!

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