The Girl child

03 Sep


Allow me to introduce myself
Am a girl child
An African girl child
I know where am coming from
I don’t know where am headed
But I know where I wanna be
I want to make a difference
Am gonna defy everything they said about us
We,the female gender
I am a girl child

She was born original,beautiful
She learnt to be wise,respectable
She dressed decently,presentable
She changed,the angel we knew changed
She bleached her skin,he said she was too dark
She swallowed bottles of pills,he said she was a walking stick
She hit the gym,ate salad,he said she was again too fat
She was to be a combination of yellow,big hips,tits,slim body
She did it for him to love,she yearned for it so bad
She is a girl child

A single mother at eighteen
She is not Virgin Mary,mother of Jesus
Like magic her baby papa disappeared
But they put the blame on her as the naval appeared
Oh,the pain she felt no one could compare
Raped at twenty-two
Decently,she dressed that morning
Ready for college,she had a bright future for sure
A monster,a man decided to be and flee
Abortion she did to be free
She wasnt ready to be a mother,you see
Dont be fast to judge she
You don’t know how it feels to be she
She is a girl child

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  1. Pooja Alok

    September 3, 2014 at 10:18 am



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