10 Sep

I wish,
I was your door knob,
Your key or your phone,
For I’d be enjoying the care,
Every moment’s attention,
And the constant caressing.
I wish,
I was your favorite song,
So that I’d taste your lips,
Every time you sing me,
Smile to the small dances or moves you make for me.
I wish
I was your inner clothes,
That enjoy the warmth of your body,
The direct touch with your flesh,
And embracing the whole you without any fear.
I wish,
I was the water,
You bathe in,
I’d have the pleasure,
That comes when,
I get into contact,
With your nude body.
I wish,
I was the blood,
That flows in your veins,
So that forever,
I would live in your body,
Cherishing every minute there.
Above all,
I wish I was,
The air you breadth,
So that you wouldn’t do without me,
For my absence will result to suffocation,
And only in death,
Will we separate.

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