There has to be more

12 Sep

It’s gotta be way more than money.
I don’t need diamonds, I wanna be your diamond.
I don’t wanna be your trophy-girl, I wanna be appreciated by you.
I don’t need expensive stuff, I wanna be your expensive someone.
I don’t need tours around the world, make me feel like your whole world.
But I’m still a girl,I want those heels wedges boots…shoes.
Its gotta be more than the material stuff we’ll own.
It ain’t about how you drive that car, it’s how you drive me crazy.
It ain’t about the mansion, no use if emptiness is the doormat.
It ain’t about our jobs, it’s about how we share our finances.
It ain’t about the jet you own, grab me the moon and stars with your hand.
But I’m a woman, that kitchen better be awesome looking.
It’s gotta be more than dashing looks to keep me around.
Ditch that suit, is your conscience black or white.
Ditch those accessories and bling, is your heart gold or just iron ore.
Ditch the charming glassy smile, I see right through it.
Ditch the steroids, be authentic……am no fake.
But I’m a sexy lady, let’s hit the gym together.
It’s gotta be more than coming home at night.
Are you coming home to me, or because you’re supposed to.
Are you coming home at midnight, or after work.
Are you coming home drunk, or are u bringing a bottle of wine to celebrate us.
Are you coming home because you want me, or because you need me.
But i will be a loving wife, I’ll always cook for you.
You know, I’m crazy about Lamborghini’s.
But just because you drive one doesn’t mean I’m crazy about you.
Ponder on that.
And oh, by the way,
You want me to fall for you, gimme something worth tripping over.

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