It’s well

24 Sep

My vision may seem blurred,
The sky dark and frightening,
Yet still I hold on to my faith
That you’re somehow somewhere in the midst of it,
Still watching over me,
And whatever the next minute or second holds,
It is well with my soul.

Last night was longer than most,
As I thought of what life has become,
A passenger in a strange bus,
Whose destination I know not,
Waking up and falling asleep a routine,
One I sometimes in misery wish would stop,
Yet in the mist of it I somehow feel the assurance,
It shall be well with my soul.

My heart bleeds to the knowledge that,
This is one ride I ride alone,
Friends a mirage on the bumpy road,
That seems present, only from a far,
An irony I never seem to understand,
A dark cloud that rains on the weary man,
And covers the sunshine on the lonely child,
Yet still I forge on ahead,
Knowing that through it all,
It is well with my soul.

Only I know the ice and cold breeze on this journey,
The thorns, darkness and misery,
Yet still I smile amidst them all,
All the angels, vipers and demons,
Who somehow seem to merge into one,
But you know the reality from the fairy tale,
And somehow eventually I know,
It shall be well with my soul.

I look into the vast space,
And wonder where the end is,
For if I knew the direction,
I would have long got me there,
I close my eyes and wish,
Holding on to the little I have left,
But in the midst of it all,
It is well with my soul.

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