The Kind of Man to look for

02 Oct

Many Christian ladies want a man that “knows where
he is going”… but God’s men usually don’t have a
clue: Think about that for a moment. Think through
the Bible…all the great men that had relationships
with God and who he used and blessed….they usually
didn’t have a clue about where they were going and
(here is the even crazier part) even if they had a clue,
their lives for a long time did not reflect that great
place God said he was taking them. Just think about
it. All the way from Abraham …going to a land he did
not know; Joseph having a dream that people would
bow down to him but became a slave and then a
prisoner; David who was anointed to be King and
then lived the next 15 years in the wilderness as a
fugitive; Peter the great fisher of men who was barely
able to catch fish.
These men would have had a rough time finding a
wife today. Could you imagine?
Abraham calling sister Sarah aside after church and
saying “Errrmmm Sarah you know I love you right?
Soooo God wants to take us somewhere …but I have
no idea where. Wanna marry me and come?”
David too. “Look baby…I really care about you and
want to spend the rest of my life taking care of you…
In fact, I’ve just been anointed King…buuutttt I’m
kinda living in the bushes right now and on the run
from the King I’m supposed to replace.”
Or Joseph. “Look Jill, God has shown me many dreams
that people will bow down to me and I’ll be a great
leader. But right now I wash dishes in Potiphar’s
house and I’m a slave boy there”
God’s men don’t “always” have a direction or know
the details. So stop looking for men who have it all
figured out!
Here is the solution though… is the good news.
Here is what you SHOULD be looking for: Men who
can be LED by God. (Rom 8:14) Don’t look for a man
who already has the best laid plans. Look for one
who knows how to follow directions from the best

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