Imani Cottages in Naivasha Kenya

07 Oct

Planning on going to a safari in Kenya this is a place i highly recommend having stayed at the cottages myself it’s awesome. Here is the link to the FB page






There is a lot to do around the cottages, you can take a walk around past the railway tracks it is beautiful and there are our resident Zebras in the area and from time to time we sometimes get giraffe as well(as with any wild animals do give them some space, as 2 have babies), the train passes early in the morning, afternoon and sometimes in the evening which is actually quite interesting to watch from the deck, you might want to bring some board games or cards..we do have some books at the cottage.

Around Naivasha there are some fun things you can do in Naivasha so you may want to consider staying for a couple of days. If you like to climb mountains there is Mount Longonot. Actually, Mount Longonot is a volcano that is 2776 meters above sea level. You can hire a tour guide at the entrance gate to go with you up Mount Longonot if you wish. At the top is a large crater where you may be able to see baboons, monkeys and even buffalo.

You can get to see some of Kenya’s game in Hell’s Gate National Park. You can walk around in Hell’s Gate, but I recommend using a vehicle. Hell’s Gate National Park features its own live geysers and hot springs. You will be able to view zebra, giraffe, and possibly lions, cheetahs, and leopards. There is also the traditional eagle nesting ground. Be sure to check out the spectacular gorge walk. Hell’s Gate boasts of a geothermal station. Ol-Njorowa gorge is a highlight of any visit to Hell’s Gate National Park, and as there is no viewpoint out over the gorge, the only way to explore it is on foot (see my tip on appropriate footwear under ‘Warnings and Dangers’). It’s not a long or difficult hike, as the gorge is not deep (probably no deeper than 30m along the section that we explored), but you will need to scramble on sections descending into the gorge and climbing out again, so it’s not suitable for anyone with mobility problems.

The gorge has been eroded through volcanic deposits (mostly ash) and is both steeply incised and very narrow – so narrow that in some sections, you can touch both walls with your hands at the same time. Because it’s such a confined space, the gorge is subject to flash floods as a result of heavy rain, during which the water can reach a depth of 6m in a very short space of time

While you are in the vicinity of Lake Naivasha, be sure to take a look around. There are hundreds of species of birds to watch also some hippos. Carnellys at the end of the South lake road has great pizza and is right on the lake and also Sopa Lodge gives you a chance to see the giraffes, waterbuck up close.

Here are ideas of some fun things to share

Lake Naivasha Situated at an altitude of nearly 6000 ft, The lake is very shallow, with an average depth of around five metres. At the beginning of the 20th Century, the lake completely dried up due to drought, and the open land created by the disappearance of Lake Naivasha was farmed. A few years later, when heavy rain fell again, the lake was recreated and the newly established farms were flooded

Naivasha is a fresh water lake, but some questions have been asked as to how the water can remain fresh with no visible outlet. It is surmised that there is an underground escape route, ensuring the flow and movement of water required to maintain fresh water.
The lake is home to a variety of wildlife; over 400 different species of bird have been reported.

There are various places along the lake where you can go for boat rides on the lake which are lots of fun


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