17 Oct


I am losing a friend and it hurts
Can a friendship last forever, I wonder
The fear of losing is eating me up
Should friendship last to the end of time?
You should have held on, hold longer
Am at a lose

They say sweetest things never last
That we should be bold to let go
What has the start has to have an end
But it`s ending on me, ending is a curse
Am at a lose

My heart is not letting go
I have cherished the ties, to untie is not easy
It`s respect to grant ones choice; to grow
To build new circles of friendship
Lest you are branded a stalker
Am at a lose

I will be bold, I will try
Time is a healer, they say
God heals all the wounds with time
I`ll be forever grateful for the friendship
Your happiness will be my joy
Am at a lose

Once a friend, I believe always a friend
I am watching at a distance, happy that we met
Will be there as a shoulder to cry on
I promised to be forever a friend in need
For now, allow me to whine and cry for the lose
Am at a lose

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