13 Nov


How you made me cry over nothing
Over everything
For trusting your lies
For believing your tales

How you made me run in the middle of the road
In the highway
To end my life
When I saw you walking another on the isle

How you made me scar myself
Burn myself
For the anger you evoked in me
For making me want to hurt you

How you made me scream to the rooftops
To the empty air
Void of your voice
Void of your hands

How you made me suicidal
Ready to take a bus to hell
When you put a ring on her
And looked at me like I meant nothing

How you made me lose weight
Gain weight
When you didn’t even say goodbye
I heard about you from your friends

How you made me so bitter
So miserable
When I stopped feeling beautiful
I stopped living

How you made me tie a rope on my neck
Kick the chair
When I wore the black dress
And she wore the white dress

How you made me senseless
When I planned your death
Just to satisfy myself

How you made me crazy
I was a psycho
When I entered the freezing bathtub
And slit my wrists

How you made me cry
Tears unknown of emotion
A river, a waterfall, an ocean


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2 responses to “Tears

  1. PuppyDoc (Phoebe)

    November 13, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    Powerful words. Thanks for writing.


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