Two Minutes

18 Nov

2 Minutes

Sometimes, that is all you need from an hourglass

Two minutes

Two minutes to get away
To zone out
To simultaneously experience nothing and something
To feel numb and to feel the heart pump in silence

Two minutes to interact with the holiest of herbs
Or whichever substance
Capable of taking you on a joyride
To heaven and back

Two minutes to please yourself
In mind, your ideal fantasy
Where men and women beg to be used, to be punished! To be slaves!
Where suddenly, you become a master, a god
Your wishes, their command

Two minutes to rant and hate and rage and cry like a baby!
Because, surely, your problems are BIGGER! WORSE!
Than anybody else’s!

Two minutes to question your existence
To wonder if it’s all worth it
The things you do
You do them just to get by
That what humans do
Is it worth it?
Is it even real?
Is it a complex illusion?
What is this

Two minutes to look up
At the world above you
At the clouds, the sky
The birds flying free

Two minutes

Two minutes before you wake up and smell the coffee.

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