What a feeling

05 Jan


Standing at the window, I stared,
At the falling rain in huge silence.
Drop by drop the drops fell,
Wave upon wave they formed
And washed away all the dust
From the downy green leaves.
Leaving a purely green nature
And a general feeling of God’s heart.

My constantly rolling eyes
Tumbled upon a perching bird
Hidden in cold or snow or frost
Or was it a gradual freezing?
And these reminded me
Of the coziness inside the house.

The rushing powerful winds
Flung pebbles in all directions
And brought to my attention
Of the safety inside the house.

As my eyes searched everywhere
I was embraced by warmth
And inside, it was in plenty
I felt comfort and calmness
And they too were in plenty
These contents of the inside
Clear manifestations of abundance.

But in the storm’s suddenness
When every air was unfairly cold
I looked outside and everything
Shivering, grey, pale and waning.
In terms of calmness and coziness
In the midst of this rude storm,
I easily discovered scarcity.

The violent swaying of trees
And the stagnant solid rocks
In front of the run away streams
All reminiscences of endurance

The dripping of the rain
And the coziness of the house
Oh, how lovely to observe them
Both existing simultaneously
From their barrier, a glass pane.
So much of life and death.

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