I fell In Love

06 Jan

I knew it was all wrong,
I tried so much for so long,
It was but a spark in my heart,
So innocent that it dint hurt,
I found myself drawn on him,
My heart skipped in a hymn,
For him I would have done anything,
To make the love I felt grow into something,
Now that I can’t be with him anymore,
I wish that I had not loved him more.

On a chilly Tuesday evening,
A bird happily singing,
A happy end day to it,
A sad end day to me,
I put the violin bow in my right hand,
The violin on my left shoulder,
I hit the notes one after the other,
The sky opened and poured,
In a crescendo I let the music take me by,
The heavy rain drowned my pain,
I kept on playing the violin,
The raise,
The fall,
The fourth,
The fifth,
A blade of lighting cut across the dark clouds,
More and more the rain fell,
More and more I played the violin,
Sweet bitter music getting louder and louder,
My fingers became sour,
The blood started oozing out,
I fell to the ground,
My violin and bow besides me,
The rain fell on me over and again,
This is the pain his love brought,
How heartbreaking it is for me,
The thought of my insignificance to him,
My love for him was just but whim,
Noise to his ear,
Just but a passing one,
Just but another one,
It hurts to know its all gone,
Sad to know I was just but a toilet paper to him,
Sad to know I fell in love with him,
Sad to know that I will always love him,
Sad to know I will never be with him,
Sad to know I couldn’t make him love me,
It’s sad that I fell in love.

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