Pain of the heart

15 Jan

When searching feelings of the heart
I look for the excitement you helped to bring
Memories of smiles
Making me sing

Bearing a heavy heart
Has left its mark
Teary words
Weary soul

Why do you linger?
Why can’t I grow?
Perhaps it’s because you remain what makes me whole

One minute I’m fine
In the next moment it’s like a could drink several bottles of wine

When I close my eyes to sleep
You appear in dreams
Turning the scene into my personal reality

When I write
You become the imagine words would like to describe
You’ve become the light that keeps me inspired

When I think of you
Feelings of blue stick like glue
I thought I was through

It seems I just can get enough
To simply say I’m over you
would be a poker move
Something they call a bluff

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