written Word

16 Jan


I once denied its encroachment
Protested to safeguard my dignity and respect
Now I’m drowning with no hope
Deep and deeper sinking
I’m in love again

As the romantic full moon glows
stars twinkles and tides dance
I cant stop writing anymore
My hand and pen cordially work it out

I can see the creativity evolving
Feel the hidden feelings in me
I can’t cease pondering
That love has affected my reputation
And smeared the little heart with waxy tender skin
Falling in it daily ,every minute that tick

As the fluorescent are lit
The darker night rule the world
I see poems all around the city
The streets,buildings,people hoot
For once,weakened and lonely poems shine

The flowing blood sings
The flesh feel the heat of loving
As mind gets used
my fingers can’t stop longing to write

A love pitched long ago
Growing at a drastic pace and caustic
Mushrooming thoughts that once dormant
Flourishing poetic health
With work accepted and rhythms admired.

Its romantic presentation cleanse my smile
Fill the atmosphere with majestic lines
I love its scents and aroma
Which triggers the lost passion
That make me fall… love

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