Hearts Don’t Choose

28 Jan


Because love is too complicated and dynamic,
Its not that easy to tell and wont find it so simple,
Its power is strong that can turn one’s self lunatic,
This is the plain truth in which describes love to people.

How many rich lads have fallen in love with poor sick?
With their love in every year would grow to double,
Also could be seen shinning in real love so romantic,
This shows how love is hard to break its main bubble.

Because heart never choose, but fall in love in automatic,
How it feels in love to express is like a bite on sweet apple,
Or someone who take a gulp of melon too systematic,
That’s the way the heart works in love have no sample.

Its selection is so sensitive and also too elastic,
It never chooses color, don’t know blue or purple,
The heart’s feeling are spongy not tinged like plastic,
So one can’t have full control on its drive to ripple

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