Teach Me

28 Jan

Teach me how to spit wise words Solomon,
Let me learn how to appreciate others efforts,
Show me how to bind and chase away the frown,
Let me be understood by the ignorant,
Let me galvanize the wicked hearts with love.

Teach me your uniqueness Poe,
So that I can write like a master,
And boost my amateurish skills,
Let me be the lamp in the lighthouse,
And guide the ships safely by the sea.

Teach me how to speak to people Frost,
So that I can avoid the looming war of words,
Bitter words that blind the innocent eye,
Show me which road not to take,
When I meet two paths at cross.

Teach me how to rivet words Neruda,
So that I can help democratize poetry,
And introduce a new style never used before,
A style that will bring together all poets,
And end the looming war of words.

Is this the second coming of poetry Yeats?
Is the center no longer holding?
Teach me how to build strong cages,
Cages that will prevent the falcons,
From preying on the innocent poets.

How can I express my feelings Dickinson?
Teach me how to read complex minds,
Before I hear the fly buzz when am dead,
Teach me how to steal stubborn hearts,
And make their owners follow me in love.

Teach me how to make rhymes Shakespeare,
So that I can hang high like the yellow leaves,
Even when my strength is failing,
And my powerless voice is dimming,
Can my simple English wake you up?

How can I rise again like dust Angelou?
After I have been shot down with words,
Let me be the voice for the voiceless,
Let me amplify their feelings,
And let the world know of their existence.

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