What to write?

07 Feb

I no longer know what to write,
Yet there are a million words scratching every corner in my head,
Begging to be set free,
But what should I say?

You flood my mind,
Dark anonymous images of you keep flashing past,
Stirring up a mound of unexplainable emotions,
Sometimes I miss you,
I crave you,
I just want to be by your side,
And other times I tell myself that I am strong,
And I can wait for God’s right timing,
For the universe to put our paths in sync,
And we will find each other…

I wish I could get a glimpse of you,
Even for a minute,
Know that you exist,
Then I could find peace.
I wish I could get a glance of you,
Memorize the texture of your hair,
The pattern the pimples make on your skin,
Take a long deep breath of your scent and lock it in,
Only to be released when I delve into my fantasies,
The color of your eyes,
The shape of your lips,
Every little detail I could pick up from you,
I would…so that I could forever have you next to me,
In my thoughts,
Till the day that the winds will blow you to me.

I do not know what to write,
My mind is full of theories,
Dreams, fantasies,
All revolving around you,
Each hoping that you will one day come to me,
I hope one day you will,
Till then… I shall just keep on with my blubbering.

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